Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Baby, A New Hope for the World

No, I'm not having a baby!

But our dear friends Matt and Cori Adams did today at 8:23 am. Adalynne Ann (I think that's how it's spelled) made this beautiful and deserving couple, parents! Cori always wanted a baby so this cutie will always be a loving reminder of the answer to those fervent prayers.

We went over there right after church and though it was about 30 minutes away, it was worth the drive to and from after holding that sweet bundle of joy for almost 30 half an hour. (sigh...)

Despite all the horrors in this world, one cannot discount the calming nature of newly born children, the newest living gift, a physical tangible blessing, a true and pure miracle from a loving Heavenly Father. A truly powerful symbol of hope and purity. I love babies!

Went back to Nursery today and the Cutie Crew remembered me and welcomed with hugs and big smiles! One cried for about 5 minutes so we left him alone and once he saw snacks and all the activities, he came and joined in with no problem! Can't beat that result, huh?


Hansonpatch said...

The little one stopped because he had heard about your tablescapes and yummy cooking :-) Sounds like you hade a great day.
p.s. when you finish with the storms you guys have been having could you send them back our way?

Chandy said...

Thanks! I don't know about the yummy cooking but I do love my tables!