Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Social

Today was spent gardening, essay writing, attending birthday parties, essay writing, eating, essay writing, showers, essay writing, seeing Monsters vs. Aliens (LOVED IT! YOU NEED TO SEE IT!), going to Jo-Ann's for some Easter clearance hunting (found a great egg dish- 70% off; yes I only grabbed one item, I've got a "wish list" of dinnerware I'm saving up for), quick soup sipping, essay writing, bedtime praying, hugging, kissing, essay writing, essay writing, essay writing, essay writing... (can you guess who did what? LOL)

So tired...

How did you spend your Saturday?


Hansonpatch said...

What an eventfull and memorable Saturday. I spent mine cleaning, writing, and then sitting on the couch watching BBC shows on channel 8. With the exception of a break into town to pick up a free set of encyclopedia it was unremarkable, want to trade? I love the new family photo! You guys all look so happy, and Jasmines dress is oh so cute! I like that blue on you, very chic!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Behind the vacuum and in the toilets. Literally. I cleaned. But I did manage some shopping at thrift stores. That is always fun.

Glad you had a nice weekend Chandy Dandy Pudding and Candy :)

Chandy said...

Well I'm done now and I couldn't be more feelin' free!!! Hooray!

Can you see me dancing??? Ok, just imagine a short Asian girl dancing with a big grin on her face, that'd be me! ;-)