Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Cutie Crew Tours Dallas!

... with the help of the Lap Bus!

We only had four children today in Nursery but boy, were they awake! They were ready for anything and welcomed the two great ladies who helped me, Shari and Anna! (You both rock!)

They ate all the snacks, lesson, songs and games we did, but it wasn't enough. They even chased each other and screamed with delight on practically everything! You know that young children love to be entertained so I made up the Lap Bus!

Using my lap as the bus, and with some key rattle, we went to the Dallas Aquarium, Zoo, Arboretum, and even McDonald's for lunch! Anna even gave them a tour on her Lap Jeep to other various places including the library where they got books on helping to clean up the toys!

It was so much fun! I so love being in the Nursery; seeing the littlest ones learn and enjoy themselves is its own reward. Any Nursery leader can see that. I'm just grateful that I do, too!

We started the lesson with Shari reading from the scriptures after our own Cutie Crew member, Madeline said the prayer, I gave the lesson and we ended the class with Red Light/Green Light with Anna. You gotta love Nursery! The kids are just our source of energy! Yeah!

At home, we had the funnest lunch as our own Mr. Man got us laughing over how to teach our children to help me distract other shoppers to secure the great deals. His best one for 90% off deals was to have our children go up to the other women and ask, "Are you my mommy?" LOL
L-Infinity said, "I would so do that!" while laughing her head off and J-Pony said, "If she does it, I'll do it, too so mommy can get her great deals!" I-Dude said, "Me, too. No, I won't..."

There's only one other thing I'm waiting for to go down at least 60% off. I'll tell you when I get it, IF I get it. It hasn't broken over 55% off yet since I saw it after Christmas, so I'm trying to be really patient! ;-)

How was your Sunday?


Amy said...

Hi Chandy,
It sounds like you had a very fun day with the children. What wonderful activities you did. What a perfect Saturday for sure! Amy :)

Ma and Pa said...

I can't believe that you can wait for your items to go down in price and they are still there waiting for you. What a blessing. :o)

Chandy said...

Amy and Jenny; thank you! Love you both for visiting!

MnM said...

Such a cute nursery lesson idea. That is one calling I've never had yet, thank goodness, but I'll remember that if I ever do!

Chandy said...

Melissa, it's so fun! You get to eat and play at the same time!