Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We all hope you had a wonderful Easter that is full of reflection and gratitude for our dear Savior's ultimate sacrifice and triumph over death!
We got dressed up just for the opportunity to take another family picture.
It's a rare event you know.

You like how our cat Cece dodged the camera by hiding in the blinds?

How about some smiles and a wandering cat?
I think they found all the eggs, so time for a picture!
We wanted an enchanting evening to reflect on. Pick a seat.
Make sure to help yourself at the dessert table.



Jan the crazy lady said...

Beautiful job Chandy of capturing the Easter spirit for your family :)

Chandy said...

Thank you Jan!

farmerswife17 said...

Happy (belated) Easter! How fun to see all of you again! What a great family picture. Thanks for posting one with Charlie and you too!

I love your table setting color shades of green and purple! Very well done! I was just happy to have a nice dinner after being at the farm most of the weekend!

Chandy said...

Hi Kate! Nice to see you here! We missed you all. We were hoping you'd drop by so we set the table nicely for your family and mom and dad. :-)