Monday, April 27, 2009

FHE: NHS Induction Night & TAKS

Tonight, we celebrated for two main reasons: L-Infinity's NHS Induction Night and J-Pony's TAKS testing.

When our children have something to celebrate or testing the next day, the Filipino in me comes out full force and the table ends up groaning from all the food requests and menu tweaking! I take dinner requests and find food items to surprise them with to make dinner more fun! It's my way of making sure they get the proper nutrition and be full enough to get a good night's rest! No sodas or junk food on testing times! ;-)

So here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

First, we dined on Shrimp with Snowpeas in White Sauce over Rice (homemade or bought?)

Then, they enjoyed a melon salad mix and this Steamed Cheese Cake Bars with diced strawberries. These yummy pastries is one of the desserts at Ono's Hawaiian BBQ in Gilbert, AZ, made in Japan.

These were made in and imported from Tokyo, Japan distributed via California!
These strawberries were freshly put out on display when we got to our fave Asian market. The containers were still cold! We grabbed two and washed them well before enjoying them with this delectable treat. It's soft and sticky but oh so yummy!

We also dined on Filipino Tocino (sweet cured meat) and oranges, bananas, apples and refreshing ice water!

Here's the podium dressed for the NHS ceremony in the auditorium. Each candle represents the attributes that NHS stands for- Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.

Here's the principal, Mr. Jones. Apparently, he ends up winging his speeches every year because the prior speeches by the officers end up covering what he wants to say! ;-)

My favorite part of the ceremony was when the Principal reversed the standards of NHS: Scholarship, Leadership, Service & Character to Character first because if you have character you will have the tendency to do right by people thru Service. When you serve others, Leadership follows. And when Leadership becomes part of your character thru service, Scholarship is the resulting factor since Leadership begets experience and skills leading to knowledge and intelligence. Pretty good summation of what I've always tried to instill in my children. I'm glad we went!

There's L-Infinity walking with the other inductees! The officers noted how quickly everyone got up and took their certificate. LOL. I was wondering why L was almost down the steps on the other end by the time they called her name!

Here's L-Infinity with her NHS certificate! Yay, L!!! Congratulations!

And here she is with her two church ward and school friends who were inducted last year.
Each year, to support the inductees, the members are asked to attend. What a great way to support friends!

Here she is with her guy, Daniel. I can't believe it's been three months!

And the kiddos with Mr. Man after eating slices of NHS cake and punch! I'm surprised they weren't that wired by the time we got home! Two desserts in one night! YIKES!

So goes another busy Monday and improvised FHE, but at least we had one! It was about celebrating each other's acccomplishments!



Aubrey said...

Wow! What a great time! You should be so very proud!

Thank you SO much for stopping by on my SITS day last week! Your comments were so sweet!

Chandy said...

Aubrey, hello and you are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You must be so proud of your children and what a great mom you are! Taking dinner orders and all ♥ Everything looks delicious. Thank you for your comments on my post. My dishes are Mikasa. They are country Classics and the pattern is called Romance. I hope you have a lovely day.

Chandy said...

Hello! And thank you for following! We are well pleased with her!

Thanks for letting me know what your dishes are. They are beautiful!