Monday, April 20, 2009

FHE: King of Charades!

Another Monday, another Family Home Evening! Yay!!!

Tonight, we did Charades! Why? Because the kiddos were all sick with one thing or another: tummy bugs, colds, sore throat, and mild fever.

So all of us used I-Dude's Charades kit where the topics are pretty basic.

Well of course all four of us took the simple way for the kids to guess quickly, but not Mr. Man, he had to be the funny and creative participant!

It was his turn and got an "Object" card. It was a pencil. A pencil.

Mr. Man pauses for a little bit then proceeds to grab our cat's bed basket that has an opening that looks like the picture below, puts the opening over his head, turns it three times, then proceeds to go to our big calendar on the wall and "writes" with his head!

Do you get it? He's a pencil! But it was dull, so he "sharpened" it first! The kids and I were bustin' up laughing when he started "writing" on the calendar. LOL

How about this one?

Can you guess what the "Action" is?

See I-Dude? He looks "folded" ...

Now he looks "opened"...

Notice Mr. Man's finger, it's "traveling left to right."

Did you guess it yet?

He was "reading"!

J-Pony says, "Goodbye, everybody!"


Joel said...

Very funny! He would be super fun to play charades with!

Lara said...

oops! that was me!

Hansonpatch said...

Charlie and the kids look so incredibly happy! That is so cool! Glad you guys had fun, and hope you all get well soon.

Chandy said...

Joel, welcome! He sure will be!

Chandy said...

Lara, which one, being the king of charades or the book? LOL

Ann, they were, we all were. We couldn't stop laughing!