Thursday, April 23, 2009

Room by Room: Freshen Up!

I know this is late, but a promise is a promise!

Now that it's Spring time again, that means Spring Cleaning!

BIG Disclaimer: I DON'T DO SPRING CLEANING because my kids' schedule are chock full at this time and lately Spring meant finals for me, so there... Instead I do SUMMER CLEANING the first week of summer vacation.

7 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

1. Open up your all your windows before you dust. Let the fresh air in for about an hour. If you have ceiling fans, turn it on for 20 minutes. This brings in enough oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange that it actually freshens up your lungs and energize!

2. Now sit in the main living area where your biggest couch is. If you can't feel the life-giving exchange of breezes, that space is stagnant. Find a configuration where one has a window facing it or the air reaches the couch. It's a simple concept, you have a sofa for a reason, it holds more people and it's subject to immediate stagnation of air. After you close all the windows, then dust and vacuum to "seal in" the freshness for a little while to help you relax and enjoy the cleaner atmosphere.

3. If your main living and sleeping areas are dark (my MB is fairly dark) because of its normal orientation, then place more light in them. That's it! Nothing induces more happiness than a bright (moderately so) area. You wouldn't sleep in a brightly lit room, right? Why would you read in a dark room? Capish?

4. Dust your corners and bring life to them with either a plant or an inanimate object with movement or a light. Corners tend to be forgotten and so are numerous issues in your life that have been piling up.

Example: in my home, my corners are given a purpose: a cat tree, a shoe cubby, utility shelves, important posters, extra shelves. Corners are useful; do not forget them. It's like using up one part of your brain with important items that can exercise it enough to add to your betterment.

5. Kitchens need pruning too! This is my latest project as I am a self-proclaimed "Stock-Up" Queen. If you don't need it, give it away! I just recently did this by giving away some of my unused and rarely bakeware, doubled up kitchen stuff and using up good pantry items. Remember, kitchens are the best indicators of what you value. And to be honest, mine right now says, "busy woman". But I have a plan and slowly being executed! So pictures soon?

6. Just the mere act of clearing the couch (no, not by tossing things off!) can do a lot of wonders. Perform the 5-minute test: sit for 5 minutes on the cleared couch. If you can't smell the fresher air (not the Febreze only) or be able to have a wider view of your home, you are stagnant!

7. Look at your colors. See if you can freshen it up a bit. Even if you're a fall gal like me, just adding a neutral light or complementary seasonal color combos can bring great change in mood and energy. Try these:

Rust (Browns) and Red- add in muted turquoise or dusty blue. (Spring & Summer)

Browns and Rusty Red- add in taupe to tone down the heaviness.

The above is regular daylight, the two tone pillow broke up the heavy colors of rust red and brown.The photo below is with flash simulating night time and yet the lighter and smaller pillow still served to lighten up the look.

Burgundy and Black- add in minty sage or pale rust to lighten up the mood

Blue and White- infuse in some reds or yellow to transform the feel

Pink and Black- infuse in some pale sages to bring in a complete look and bring in another level of energy

Sage and Red- add in some taupes to complete the sophistication.

Enjoy your Spring Cleaning!


Chandy said...

I transferred these comments...

Chandy said...

From Cadance:

those are great tips! Thanks for sharing! I just did the kitche clean-thru my self....I have a stack of items for good-will and lots more space in my cupboards!

Chandy said...

From MnM (Melkaydal):

I am with you, I do Summer Cleaning too... (since I'm home then, why not?) I have to admit dusting is really a weak point for me. Thanks for reminding me to get on that!