Monday, April 6, 2009

FHE: Our Home as a Temple

I am so psyched that I actually went through with the whole 40-day Love Dare Challenge. Whew!

Today, Mr. Man and I-Dude had haircuts. Mr. Man had his usual #3 at Fantastic Sam's while I-Dude, we tried the Cool Cuts 4 Kids nearby. Yes, we are helping our local businesses. ;-)


AFTER: What do you think?


It's another Monday and that means Family Home Evening! In light of the recent General Conference, we chose a topic that truly hit home to us, especially me... Making our home be like the temple. We also recognized that temples are our Lord's homes here on earth. First of all, let me be the first one to admit that we failed the cleanliness factor as we always have something we can improve on. LOL Ok, moving on...

During dinner we discussed how we have made our own home be like the temple as temples are for our Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, pointing more to our current residence. These are what we came up with:

We eat together on most nights as a family- temples are for the salvation of families and its members

We love each other no matter what- temples are built to show Heavenly Father's plan of love for us thru His Son, despite the harm of our abuse of our free agency.

We welcome all to our home but keep out bad influences- temples are sacred buildings.

We share the gospel to others thru service and examples- temples are built to help Heavenly Father fulfill his plan for all of us because of His Son's atoning sacrifice.

We testify of the Lord's divinity every day- temples are towering examples of our belief and love for Jesus Christ, our Savior.

We are an eternal family- temples are built to teach us of that reality.

How did General Conference warm your home?


Hansonpatch said...

That is awesome! I thought that we could use some work on this one as well. I hope that I can remember all of the talks every day and strive to work on them.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOve that haircut!

Chandy said...

Anne, me too! I hope that we can work on being more caring.

Leigh, nice to see you here! Thanks, he loves it too!

farmerswife17 said...

Great haircut Ian. Love the spiky look on you.

Aunt Kate

Chandy said...

Hello Kate, he loves it, too!