Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Final Exam, Tablescaping & Gratitude...


We didn't do much today except be in school and for me gathering ideas for my final essay for one of my Public Administration classes. Charlie got a peaceful rest while I helped my sister tweak and clean up her resume over the phone and email. She's been sick for a few days. My poor baby sister. She rocks because she's raising her two small children by herself!

I just found too that our family friend, Michelle Branch got in a car accident yesterday but didn't feel most of the pains until today. I hope she feels better and gets to see a doctor soon. Also, my bff since highschool, Sheila, just remembered that today is her dad's death anniversary so we kind of were sad for each other... Three days from now, it'll be her birthday. My dad died on my birthday.

But on the upside, I am having tons of fun with my tablescaping blog (click the button on sidebar) and my friend Heather remembered that I love dark chocolate Dove, so she got me the Easter egg shaped ones! Yummy! Love ya, Heather!

The kids came home, did homework and the girls went to their Wednesday church activities. My friend Amy gave Jasmine a ride and even took her with them to dinner at Cici's pizza. Thanks, Amy! Lisa was picked up by one of her YW friends and the daughter of our bishop. Kira, my love and thanks to you and your family!

I feel so blessed today... even though I was overwhelmed with sadness and concern, I felt unbelievably loved by my Heavenly Father and for that I am truly grateful...

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