Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

Well it rained for most of the day today and yesterday. Today was quite humid as well... After two 10 hour days of leaving the house late, I can honestly say I was suffering a bit of cabin fever because I had this cockamamie idea to organize my dinnerware and dining area while my children have testing and this swine flu is wreaking havoc on the schools!

I was productive today though... I did laundry, washed some dishes, finalized some tablesettings, finalized menus and decided that I can do four tablescapes in 5 days! (I think I can, I think I can...)

To my defense, here's what's lined up!
1) May 2- My late dad's birthday that I cook for every year. Instead of remembering his death (on my bday), I celebrate his life.

2) May 4- Attempt to clean our patio and create an outdoor tablescape before the next rainstorm hits!

3) May 5- I'm hosting a Mother' s Day Brunch for 5 women in the morning and at night, we dine for Cinco de Mayo! I need some swirly straws!

With this swine flu going on, I need to make sure that I can stay sane while my family naturally will drive me nuts, so... if our school closes down, I will employ them to help me finalize the dining area organization and clean further the kitchen and bedrooms as well as our patio!

How are you dealing with the swine flu scare?


Jan the crazy lady said...

Rainy days :(

Swine flu is being dealt with preparedness and not scaredness. We are just getting ducks in a row.

Hope all is well Chandy.

Chandy said...

It is Jan, just wanting to get out from under all these madness over this flu...