Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We made NHS!

Ok... Only L-Infinity, but we still celebrated it as a family! We are very pleased to read the following from the letter she got while in Choir today... Of course we found out after school, but she got the letter in the morning. Yes, she already did her happy dance and was able to be "cool" about it when she was hinting in the car. ;-)

I'm glad the shot turned out clear enough. I can never tell unless I'm looking at the computer screen.

So now you know; no one will be home on that day. It's Mr. Man's day-off and we will take our children out to dinner to celebrate. Plus we just found that she'll be among the few that made it to the Honors Night in the next few weeks after. So yes, we won't be home then either...

A big thank you to all of those who helped her get accepted. Her service hours were 10 times more than what was required and her recognitions, grades and leadership experiences put it over the top.

A great news after a bad one yesterday, don't you think?

Also great news:

~I wanted some dark purple and white tulips, found them at Tom Thumb

~I made a list of "must buy" for my dish collecting, found one of them at Target

~I had a great lunch with one of my awesome neighbor and friend Amy, then we also hit some model homes and "critiqued" the decor, lol!

~I-Dude got a good behavior stamp today. Awesome!

~J-Pony received the "Frog Award" in Science today for exhibiting all 6 character traits. Great!

~I was able to get a friend of mine a hand mixer, thru Freecycle, that has a dough hook since she loves to bake!

~J-Pony found her long lost 2nd pair of "training" CZ star & 10K gold earrings. You know the kind that had to be shot into your ear at the local mall? We thought we've lost it in Arizona since she had to take them off from constant tugging that it was irritating her ears.

I hope you all had a great day!


Hansonpatch said...

YEAH for Lisa! Yeah for all!

Chandy said...

Thanks Ann! We are all happy for her!

Chandy said...

From Midori Foster: (email)

I just checked your blog. Congrats to Lisa!!!!! She is not a girl anymore. She is a beautiful and super smart lady. Time flies too fast.
I'm sorry for what happened at Albertson's. I didn't know Albertson's had such confusing system. And $24 loss is huge. Grrrrrrrrr. Albertson's has been great for me, but I usually go shopping on Thursdays so i would never known."

Love you all,