Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday? Still the Fun Day!

Yep, no matter how stressful, no matter how hectic, Friday is still our "escape" day!

The leftover half a loaf of french bread, we turned it into french toast! Mr. Man suggested it and he is a genius for that. He himself loves french toast so that was an expert suggestion in my book! (I so love that man! Whew, is it hot in here or is it just me? LOL)
Then, it's time to let our cockatiel out! We let him out and he says "hello" to everyone by opting to land and play with any of us. I-Dude got that honor this morning. Look at that smile!Then he finds a bigger mirror and "sings to his friend" in there. LOL
Cece and Dexter seem to have "private" conversations when they're together. I wonder if it's about how to convince us to let him out more. ;-)
After our typical "leftover smorgasbord" lunch and a nap, we headed to Half Price Books again for the last day of their Reading Promotion. J-Pony held on to her coupon last week and earned another one this week. Her choices, she found a computer game she saved her coupon for and two great books with today's coupon. She saved $6 and only paid, $5.83! As for I-Dude, he saved $3 with his coupon and paid only 1.08 for two books!

Btw, it's official, my girls are Anthony Horowitz fans and our family's hooked on the Berenstain Bears series. Michelle found "My Sister's Keeper" and a photo editing software.
When we got out, we decided to look into DSW Shoe Factory and try on some shoes. As you can see, I-Dude was not enjoying the "activity of choice". LOL
Here's me finding a great sparkly pair in the Clearance section. (My cell took this pic and I look like my feet are jaundiced.) *hee hee*
But before that, I tried on this 4-in. "blind ya" number! Cute, but not me...
Here's J-Pony finding a great pair for a wedding...
And I-Dude slipping into some Rocket Dog slip-ons! There was no children's section... ;-(
Here's J with a sweet turqoise pair that matched her socks.
Michelle found some really cute ones, too, but the prices, not so cute! Yep, the only thing we're able to afford, the browsing and try-ons, what else? Before we left and after all those we tried on, this is the pair I fell in love with! It just looks like fairy slippers made of leaves and vines. (But as you can see, even with that blue (40% off the shown price) tag, I can't afford it.)
Then off towards HOME to make dinner and since it's Friday, it's also movie and soda night! (I get nominated for Mother of the Year weekly because of these two. LOL) As you can see, we chose to watch...

Well since I've also blogged about our day, it is officially over... It's some ME time now. (Whatever that is...) ;-)



Jan said...

I love shoes, The Rock and french toast. This is a great post :)

Hope you have a great weekend Chandy. I have missed you.

Chandy said...

Jan, I do, too! I missed you, too!

Kado! said...

I ♥ French FAV!