Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feelin' Like the Tropics Today...

A few days ago, we enjoyed some Mexican cuisine like the Taco Salad. Last night, we explored the exotic oriental part of Asia with Broccoli Beef and Ponzu Shrimp. Today, we will explore... the Tropics!

Close your eyes and let your minds focus on this island paradise spot where the water is cool and as blue as the sky, the breeze never stops and the palm trees dance away your worries...

(coastal living dot com)

But before we can go to our island getaway, we must figure out which vehicle we'll take after we arrive at our tropical destination. (I-Dude just created them in mere minutes!) The kiddos need to have some downtime, so let's find a wonderful venue for a rousing game of Hide and Seek.

There's I-Dude! We treated everyone to BK and the King gladly accepted our B1G1F coupons, saving us almost $10! (J-Pony is still a little sick, so she's not up to taking much pictures.)

Now that everyone's settled and entertained, let's go to our rented villa and enjoy the local fruits, but it doesn't have to be typical and boring "slice as you go" business. Let's make it fun and make a "Beetle" fruit bowl!

To make it more interesting, let's make it with a face and wheels, making it both a "bug/VW bug" fruit bowl! LOL (There's Mr. Man putting on the front wheel...)
And the back wheel!
Here she is, all ready to transport to our hungry tummies her load of yummy fruits! Michelle balled all the watermelon, I washed the grapes and Mr. Man took care of the rest while the kiddos enjoyed the extras. Team work, baby, tropics style! LOL
Let's check out her cute face... Mr. Man outdid himself in copying Michelle's magazine picture! *woot woot*
And of course, you can't experience the tropics without enjoying a great plate of "Hawaiian Haystacks!" I love all the layers in it and it's delish!
Now that you've been fed well, go and enjoy dreaming in that cozy bedroom with a mosquito net, and billowing curtains. Aaaahhhh... the easy life, good food and summer fun!

Did you enjoy our virtual trip to the Tropics? We sure did enjoy having you!


Michelle said...

Thanks for a fun day!!

Chandy said...

Yeah, I liked how it turned out, too. ;-)

Hansonpatch said...

Props to Mr. Man for creating the culinary creation and to everyone for participating in the work and then Serious Kudo's to you for the rest of the meal and to Michelle for thinking of it! Sounds like a great vacation day for everyone!

Chandy said...

That's for sure! We had so much fun "working" for our food. LOL