Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Slow Thursday

Today, my tablescaping blog, "What Now?" was the Featured Blogger on SITS (The Secret's in the Sauce), a blog encouraging others to visit and comment. (click on button on the sidebar)

I wasn't expecting many to like my blog much less leave such gracious comments but they did so I was really glad we had nowhere to go today.

Also, we started reading together (me and the smallish kiddos), PB Kerr's "The Children of the Lamp" series. It's about the journey of twin djinns (genies) who need to rescue their mother from becoming the Blue Djinn and forget them for she has to be totally neutral to all emotions to keep the balance of good and evil in the world, while simultaneously saving the world from other problems. I totally recommend it for those that want a fantastical tale that connects a realistic possibility explaining how luck works.

I wasn't expecting the kids to love it as it is not a picture book, but they are eating it up and we have my bed to read in so it's extra special for them.

J-Pony didn't want me to stop reading and asked if she can read the book herself, but I explained that it's our special time together so she relented.

I-Dude asked me, "Mommy, how can they be powerful djinns when they have ordinary lives?" to which I replied, "Because they didn't know they were and they are about to find out." His next question was, "How is the prologue connected to the story?" I answered that prologues get connected later in the story. "Prologues are there to tease you about what's in the book."

I'm glad I didn't think he wasn't paying attention! LOL

He also made this while we were having some downtime... A pyramid of his Hot Wheels cars! Cool!

Did you have a slow but fun Thursday?


Eldredge Family said...

I read your blog everyday. I appreciate your friendship. I love all of his hot wheel cars! It looks very cool!

Jan said...

I use to love hot wheels too. This is a great picture.

I had a slow Thursday. I love Thursdays. Your sounds great too.

Chandy said...

Crystal, thank you! He does love them...

Jan, I know sometimes, you just need one great one, right?

Tooj said...

Story bed. I think that's a ritual I'll start taking up. We sometimes read in the living room, sometimes his bed, sometimes not at all. Maybe I'll let them come snuggle in mine. :) Happy Friday - I'm popping over from SITS roll call.

The Blonde Duck said...

Thanks for popping by on my SITS day! I hope you return!

Chandy said...

Hello Tooj and Blonde Duck! Welcome and I'm sure I will!