Sunday, July 26, 2009

Must Be Sunday...

We finally got back into our own ward and being back with my Cutie Crew in the Nursery. It was "greet and meet" time again with them as I was away for a couple of Sundays, but it felt wonderful(though undoubtedly stressful) to be back playing with them. What a rush!

It must be Sunday because everything seemed to have fallen into place. Sometimes, Heavenly Father floors me with His tender mercies... I prayed that we would be kept safe today because we wanted Mr. Man to be back home safely.

Right after church, we had to rush to the airport to pick up Mr. Man, and since Michelle and I are not familiar with the North Texas freeways, miracle #1 was the text that Mr. Man had to take a later flight into Dallas. It bought us 1.5 hours which came in handy since the map we were following took us North instead of South!

This is Michelle and I-Dude while we waited for Mr. Man's flight to come in, at the Shell Station across the airport entrance.

Here's Michelle and I. Do I look excited to see my hubby? Cause I was, I was!!! ;-)

Then, after we got home without incident (miracle #2), the clouds started getting dark and rumbly.

Miracle #3- instead of worrying about driving in the rain, or the dark and strong winds,
We got to enjoy it instead! See, Michelle didn't even mind that my umbrella was falling apart. LOL
Again, Michelle surprised us with another great bread recipe she got from the wife of our former 1st counselor to the Bishop from our old ward, Crystal Shores in Gilbert, AZ.We even watched the rain and lightning while she made the dough. I found myself looking out that window and be flooded with gratitude when I realized how quickly HE answered that prayer...
After 30 minutes of rising, she tried to make two different sizes. They turned out tall and delish! Right after she put the rolls in the oven, I started the crab cakes by Paula Deen. Yup, my 2nd ever attempt at making crab cakes! I love this dish but never been able to afford it since California in the late 90s (which I don't remember how they turned out, that's a good thing I guess). The ones we got on clearance at Albertson's were too fattening, salty and spicy.

I made it healthier by using Keebler Club Multigrain crackers instead of the butter rich Ritz and I used Miracle Whip instead of mayo and mustard. So again, it's my recipe! *wink*
Look how yummy it looks! It was light, delish and easy to make! Since it wasn't straight up recipe following, and I liked it, I will so tweak it again next time. *hee hee*

Michelle is not a seafood fan, but her boyfriend is, so she braved tasting these crab cakes. She liked it with fresh tomatoes and some worcestershire sauce, each bite. That's true love, people! ;-)

I feel so blessed today despite all the stresses of running a household. Mr. Man's home, safe and sound, J-Pony's slowly getting better and Michelle's having fun learning to cook more.

Only Heavenly Father can provide such subtle miracles to fall into place in this cooky household.

"Thank thee so much for listening to my prayers today, Heavenly Father, thank thee so much..."

I hope you too, felt HIS saving grace, along with HIS son, our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST...


Michelle said...

Thanks for a really good day!! I had lots of fun!!

Chandy said...

You got it!

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time! There's nothing better than crab cakes and rolls on a rainy day!

Chandy said...

So true, Blonde Duck, so true!