Thursday, July 2, 2009

Too Hot Not to Swim!

Today was a rather dry 96 deg F with only 31% humidity.

We kept inside for most of the day, but since we promised a batch of brownies to Heather and we promised to pick up our neighbor's mail, we had no choice but to endure the heat! So... I also let the kiddos swim! I couldn't swim because I needed to act as the lifeguard so that I can see them both at the same time. Of course, I had the trusty Canon Power Shot with me and got some action shots!

Let's start with the "peek" move where I had to go in close just to catch those smiles.

Then here's the "big splash" move where you can barely tell who jumped in...
And here are the "random" moves where it's swimmer's choice.
I love these rare "we're cute" moves. This shot is worth keeping the camera a few years longer. ;-)
How about this "dolphin" move under the vacuum hose. Smoooooooth...
I also captured this "backwards jump" move complete with a "hi-yah!" LOL
Or how about this "standing on water" move where she looks like she's standing on the water! What explanation were you hoping for? ;-)
Or the "pinch and run" move so you can instantly breathe underwater. Clever move this one!
I was also lucky to have shot this great "run on the water" move where the body is angled just right to simulate, well... running on water! LOL

What great swim moves my kiddos can do, ha? LOL

I'm so glad the two smallish kiddos had a wonderful time swimming! I sure did had a lot of fun taking pictures!

Have a great weekend to all and stay cool!


The Ever Lucid Lisa said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I missed it.

Hansonpatch said...

great pics make it look like so much fun and remind you of when you were a kid yourself.

Chandy said...

I told you you'd like it! They had so much fun!

Chandy said...

If I could be that brave in getting in the water, I'd know how to swim by now. LOL

MnM said...

Such cute kids!

Marie Reed said...

Oooooooh! I just love your fun in the sun summer blog design! I want to hop into that pol too!

Jan said...

Have a fab and humid weekend. Because it looks like you make the most of those kind of days. Great pics.

Chandy said...

Thanks Marie, Melissa and Jan!

I can't wait to do other things but swimming wins out everytime! LOL