Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dollar Tree to the Rescue

First, we thought that Monday would have to be the day that we'd celebrate Independence Day, but very early this morning, Mr. Man called and said that his new Chicago hangar crew normally takes July 4th off! So he flew out as early as he can after his shift and got here in the afternoon.

Well, as plans go, they change! So to save some major "Washingtons", we hit the Dollar Tree for the decor and Albertson's for our menu.

I had no real inspiration until we found the last "star garland"...

And these "white w/ navy stripes placemats, plastic hanging twister sticks, martini glasses, star bowls and candles" that resulted into this tabletop design.
In Albertson's, we found red Gatorade to complement the decor. The placesetting turned out to have a preppy / beachy / military look to it that was just so adorable!
See, "red, white and blue"! LOL
Let's see the verdict on this table... Oh look, we got a "4-Thumbs Up!" Yay!
How can they not with these patriotic goodies!

First, I made my very first "ABC" turnover- "Apple, Berries in a Crispy Crust" turnover. LOL It was yummy! "Look Mama, I baked, I baked!"
Then J-Pony and Mr. Man made this "Yankee Doodle Popcorn Cake" from the Junior BHG cookbook. Ours was as yummy as the picture in the book!
It slices so nicely... We used my springform pan. Great pan...
And the star bowl, it was used for those "cool" scoops of ice cream with sprinkles!
The fun continued with some regular and pistol poppers. "Bang!" (The boys are a little too happy, don't you think?) Look at all this mess. Who would be nice enough to help clean up?
Thanks, I-Dude! Oh, he wants to clump them together first followed with, "Can I keep these?"

Thanks to Dollar Tree, we had another wonderful 4th of July celebration. *woot woot*

Which dessert would you like to start with? How about some poppers? Hope you all had a great 4th of July!


Jan said...

I knew it Chandy. I knew that you would do it up right and frugal. Great job and everyone had a swell time.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! We sure did have some great fun! Everyone loved the table, food and the poppers!