Monday, July 13, 2009

"Mine" Your Own Bi'ness!

Today, my in-laws took us to the Bingham Copper Mines where 17% of the world's copper is extracted from Utah's Bingham Canyon. It is currently operated by Kinecott Mining Co.

It also happened to be just a few minutes drive from where they live!

Here's the fam looking down into the mine, over 120 years old!
With enough zoom power, Mr. Man was able to show us a digger...
I took a perspective shot for how big the "delivery" trucks are. You'll see one soon...
There you see the bottom of the mine... More digging!
Oh look! There's a school bus touring the mine. See how little it is compared to the "delivery" trucks? With the naked eye, it looked like an ant! LOL
Here's a piece of Molybdenite that they normally find there along with copper, gold and silver!
Here's one of the many display cases of the items used or found in this mine. They have a whole visitor's center on the site for the curious visitors like us! Beautiful museum!
Here's one of the "delivery trucks". I call them that because they "deliver" up the extracted dirt back up to the processing plants that separate the ores from regular earth! They create so much dust that so often, a watering truck follows or precedes them. We sure had an eyeful of how a mine operates at the source! So cool!
In the museum, they've found dinosaur bones and mouth fragments, just 70 feet down! Amazing huh?

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