Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Looking at Myself! How did that happen?

So since today is Saturday and Mr. Man is coming home tomorrow afternoon, we had to make sure that our place is presentable, but even after dusting the ceiling fans, vaccuming, doing dishes and finding out that J-Pony is sick, we also realized that our resident diva, Cece, is down to her last litter.

So off to Walmart we go! We had a list but I also knew that there were "requested" items to watch out for like fresh corn! Michelle kept taking pictures so I just went along and smiled. (she promised it as a proof to Mr. Man that we found corn!) LOL

But first, we had an inexpensive lunch at Sonic! 4-Sonic Burgers, 2 corn dogs, 2 cream slushes, 2 large tots and 2 Route 44 drinks for only $14 and some change! (I took a picture of the coupons while I was waiting for our orders. Michelle and I split the orders and they let us do that. Plus, we got there during their Happy Hour- 1/2 price on sodas and regular slushes!)

We also needed cucumbers and olives (I didn't add it in cause I don't like olives) to make our own version of the Paradise Bakery Pasta Salad for dinner. Yummy! I know, you're wondering "her kids didn't eat that" and you're right, so they had some leftover "chicken adobo" and rice instead. ;-)

We cooked pasta (I used two kinds) then added our own choice of raw veggies, Italian dressing, salt and pepper. Healthy and yummy, can't beat that!

After we got home, before dinner, I cleaned the upstairs bathroom while chatting with Michelle. I found that we had a whole bag of kitty litter! My incentive to clean, Mr. Man is coming home, and I found another bath rug (our third one in two years, we have a cat, 'nuff said.) and a replacement twin sheet set for L-Infinity's bed (since her fitted sheets' elastic started stretching out and fraying) for only $5 each! Our Wal-Mart is undergoing remodeling so there are a lot more things on clearance! Oh happy day! LOL

Then, since Michelle told me that the banana bread recipe I sent her via email didn't pan out when she tried it at home, we recreated it tonight. So, again, that's me looking into the recipe to make sure we didn't miss a step.
At 350 deg F for 50 mins (rather than the 60 that it said), it looked like this! I call this one, "Choc' Full o' Nana" Bread because I used chocolate chunks instead of chips and sliced newly ripened bananas instead of super ripe bananas. I do recommend adding 1/4 cup of milk to make it more moist if you want. It is very yummy! And all those chocolate in there, divine!

Ok, that's it for today! You've seen enough of my face for the next century. LOL

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday, because "it's the day you get ready for Sunday"!


Eldredge Family said...

You always look so truly happy! That is what I like about you!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Crystal! I am most of the time! ;-)