Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Half Price Books Delivered!

Today, we dropped off Mr. Man at Love Field, went to Ace Hardware and saw a bench/arbor I love. (cell took this picture-bright day)

Then, off to Half Price Books to redeem the kiddos' $3 off coupon. While browsing, we spotted a stash of Geronimo Stilton books, a family favorite! We have been looking for some more titles for a long time now without the aid of school bookfairs, so this find was a real treat! And the over "half price" tag helped a lot! *woot woot* You should have seen the kiddos, J-Infinity and I-Dude made sure they started on one title each in the van. So cute though not surprising! We still had a long ways to go, look at all these titles!
(Daily Trends dot net)

For dinner, we treated ourselves and I made Taco Salad similar to this.
(Carl's Jr. dot com)

But in mine (below), I used thin slices of beef, I made my own Mexican rice, cheese, red leaf lettuce shreds, tomato cubes and sour cream. It was WOW! Michelle loved it, too! (sorry, I had to eat before I took the picture. LOL)

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


The Redhead Riter said...

TOTALLY nothing to do with your post, but I love the quote under your pic..."We are each others equal..."

Very touching and beautiful!

Together We Save said...

I want to come eat at your house. Your meal sounds awesome.

Chandy said...

Thank you, Redhead! We are...

Together: It is, it is!