Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday IS the FUN Day!

Well today was a searing 103 deg F which kept us inside until 6:30 PM!

After we watered our neighbor's plants and "shocked" their pool, we immediately walked back home, but along the way, Mr. Man texted and so we used that as an opportunity to--- take pictures!

We loved seeing this manicured lawn and trees, so it's a perfect spot for a shot! ;-)
(I-Dude) "Mommy, this bottle is not cutting at all!" (Me) "It's because, it's a water bottle, silly!" (I-Dude)"Oh! I'm not a smart lumberjack..." LOL
(I-Dude) "Well, what about for a sword fight?" "Maybe... let's try it, J-Pony!"
Inside our complex, we saw several black birds disappear into this tree and when we came close, we saw this nest with one of the birds in it, but I was too slow in zooming in so... all I got was the nest up the tree! I can only imagine the eggs or baby chicks eagerly awaiting the day they can fly away themselves... *sigh*

Nature sure has a way of tugging at your heart...

Ok, 'nuff sappiness; I'm off to watch "Night at the Museum" with the kiddos with popcorn and soda! Make room on the couch! ;-)


Jan said...

Have a great weekend. Can't wait to hear what you cooked up for your family. You always do the best things for them.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! I'm excited, too! I'm just so glad hubby's home!