Monday, July 27, 2009

Just 'cause it's Rainin'...

... and wet; it doesn't mean that you have to mope around! No, there are still a lot to do!

For example... You can go to your local "haunts" like a fave bookstore (Half Price Books) and read a book or two while waiting for the rain to stop. If it persists, you can go to your local pet store (Petland) and...
hold a cute miniature Pinscher, or play "hide and seek" (the shoelace) with a playful and seemingly hungry (for anything) English Bulldog.
If it's still restless, you can feed it your daughter's flip-flop! ;-)
Then you can wander off to the birdie section and help them get used to "hoo-mans"...
or even just watch them show off! "Good bird, Indy! Thank you..."
How about catching birds? It's a good arm exercise! You should try it! LOL
Of course, no reputable pet store can stay in business without fish! Or a curious turtle for that matter. "Oooh... pretty girl! What's your name?"
Why not try using the variety of fish tanks as a photoshoot background? Of course, you'd have to work with the harsh lighting...
Finally, you can actually look into the aquariums and see what's actually in it!
"Look, koi and turtles! I want one!"
There's the other turtle, admiring itself in the glass. Who said, only "hoo-mans" are vain? ;-)
One knows that if you went to a bookstore and a library, you can't help but be inspired to read (and smile for the camera of course!)
Or play a new and so fun of a card game called...
It's so fun that you say, "Add to the Christmas list, please!" (I'm serious! It's fun!)
Of course, with any card game, each player has a face. A confident ,"I'm gonna win" face,
or the "don't show my game face" face. All while watching the rain!
With all that rain, we wanted something hearty so I made Asian dishes. This is "Ponzu Shrimp with Enoki mushrooms and Bokchoy cabbage." My own recipe. Yummy!
And the authentic "Beef Broccoli", not the kind you get from Panda Express! Their broccoli's too raw for my taste and too salty. This dish should be light and easy to eat and a little sweet.
If you're lucky enough to have Wii, you can play a couple rounds of bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing, while choosing another game to play as a family. We chose Horse-o-poly where you buy horses and training while you build your fortune!

You all know how daunting and endless Monopoly games are, so in between, we enjoyed a bowl of "Cookies and Cream" ice cream each!

To end the day, after the kiddos go to bed, you can even WALK IN THE RAIN! With a buddy of course! Michelle and I did and it felt great! It was lightly drizzling, and we only walked a good one mile, but wow! The night sounds, sights were quite invigorating!

There you are, several great tips to pass the time when rain dampens the plans. If you are flexible, any plan is a great plan!

Happy Monday!


Hansonpatch said...

Hurray for rain! I am officially very jealous of your weather :-)! The food looks great and how much fun is the petstore! You just have to leave without additional dependents and with faces like the puppies you played with I would have a hard time saying no to myself! I'll have to try to bird catching thing! Ask Michelle if I can be her next time!

Chandy said...

We did have a hard time, that's for sure. LOL Come anytime, we'd love to have you!

The Blonde Duck said...

Hot puppy breath...sigh.

Chandy said...

LOL, You're funny, Blonde Duck!