Friday, July 24, 2009

Full Friday For Four

After a breakfast(more like brunch) of eggs & bacon sandwich and juice, the four of us, with Michelle driving the van, headed to Half Price Books again to redeem some more books.

They are doing so well with their reading programs, that I got them these yesterday. We love the "Charlie Bone" series by Nimmo, so we'll be trying these. And we love Gail Carson Levine for "Ella Enchanted", so we added this, "Fairy Haven and the Quest of the Wand" to our library as well!

These are some of their choices, Bionicle series for I-Dude and Bunnicula series for J-Pony!
Right next door was Petland, so we spared about 2o minutes in there enjoying bunnies,
parakeets (Michelle's taking a picture, too!), even an English Bulldog pup, a white parrot, cockatiel and gerbils! I took pictures of J-Pony and Michelle in my cell's cam, but they weren't there! *arrrggghhhh!!!*
Then off to lunch at Taco Bell/Long John Silvers then off to our favorite Asian market, H-Mart. And look what I found! RAMBUTANS!!! I grew up with these. They are sweet and juicy! You squeeze them open and enjoy the fleshy fruit around the big seed. *mmmmm* Then I remembered that I signed up to do a weekly "Christmas in July" tablescapes on Saturdays at my other blog, "What Now?", so I had to do one while I was still coherent. LOL
J-Pony spent 6 hours at her friend's house, so when we picked her up and opened the door, we were greeted by one of the many "Jimmy's" at night. (yes, I do know it's a frog, but L-Infinity calls them Jimmy so we call them Jimmy.)
Say goodnight to all, Jimmy! "G'night, all!" (with a Texan drawl) LOL


Pink Ink said...

Your outing sounds like a dream. My kids would have loved all your stops!

It's getting harder for the kids to find something to read after finishing the Harry Potter series. Everything else seems not as exciting or too SHORT to consider. We'll have to check out the Charlie Bone series.

Chandy said...

Charlie Bone is a good read! And The Door Within.