Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where's the Camera?!!!

Well, I went for a walk with the kids today and took some pictures but now I can't find it for the life of me! What happened to it?

Anyway, my in-laws' place looks over a golf course on a hillside so there's a trail that separates them from the green. In our walk, we saw overspilling into the fence... (all these pictures are borrowed online. Why? I can't find the camera that have the similar pictures in them! That's why...) :-)

some ripening pears on a tree...
Overspilling tiny ripe raspberries. We picked some, but they were too tiny to be juicy. Still good though.
Before that, we saw some green grapes spilled over the fence, several bunches, just waiting to be ripe enough to eat! Wow! We did turn right back since it was too hot and my new black flip-flops were burning my feet. *ouch, ouch!*
And in the afternoon, my ears were tantalized by the sounds of the playing magpies zooming in and out of the trees, flying in the air and resting on the fence! What a great day!

Psst... we have so much pictures to share, it'll take a while to get them into any comprehensible story format so I hope you'll still be there when I finally get a chance to plug them in.

Happy Saturday to all!


Jan said...

I love pictures of nature and food. These were great pictures of a fun walk.

Chandy said...

Sure was, Jan! It was a great, though brief walk... LOL

Hansonpatch said...

I love raspberries just off the bush! Where you in the garden of Eden with all of that fruit or what? It all looks incredible, and how fun to be seranaded by the magpies! Keep having fun, I am taking a vacation vicariously from you right now :-) Can't wait for more pics!

Chandy said...

It was close... LOL Each backyard had a mini orchard and veggie garden. It was amazing!