Monday, July 6, 2009

FHE: Being flexible

Another Monday, another opportunity to do something together. As with any plans, the key is flexibility. That's how our FHE evolved tonight. We had planned swimming in the morning and some park and bookstore time, but...

I barely remembered that I had a Dental appointment in the afternoon. I was distracted with these beautiful glasses I found at Krogers, made by Libbey. Went to Kroger, but though 4th has come and gone, the glasses, still at full price! So I was told to call again tomorrow...

Afterwards, lunch then the dentist. Even with a numb half mouth, we headed to another, take note, another Half Price Books! (Adventure lady over here, yeah! LOL) We normally go just 15 minutes away, but this time, 25 minutes away, scenic route and all! *woot woot* (Cabin fever breaking!) ;-)

Didn't bring the ol' Power Shot so the LG EnV-2 had to do, but the incandescent lights were torture to whatever flash the cell cam had. Sorry if you had to put on shades now...

But look at this selection! Impressive! The whole store is much more organized and well labeled. The staff knew practically where each and every book was! Wow!
Doesn't that remind you of a great bookstore? Most of the books are new, too!
Here's I-Dude looking for another chapter book, but decided on a comp game instead. J-Pony was with Mr. Man and I didn't find time (ok, I forgot...) to take her picture while in the store.

Then, we hit Kroger's again in this new city we were in- for some ice cream since I couldn't eat anything worth chewing for a while!

But, the dinner got postponed until late and the moon didn't help either- looking like a big bright yellow light bulb in the sky! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, those are the tree branches in front of our unit! Creepy cool photo, huh? I took that! (Given, by multiple trial and error) But I took it! Yeah, baby! LOL
Then, when I turned around to go back in, this little guy, or "Jimmy" according to my teen, L-Infinity, was calmly sitting on the front left of the walkway! Didn't budge at all and I took three pictures!
Then into the patio to join the brood for a very late dinner (don't like those much...) and couldn't help but admire my Sambac or "Sampaguita" Jasmine flowers. This plant has been with me since Arizona and it is such a thrill to see it bloom as some annoying bug eats its leaves every year and slowly kills it just before the Fall cold spell hits and I had to cut it down to a mere nub.
But this year, it's more lush, about twice from last year! Yay!!!
After, some Facebook time and nighttime prayer. Then Cece decided to lie down like a human with stretched legs and on her side with one paw under her head! How cute!

The kiddos had to give up the rootbeer float and swimming until tomorrow morning and we have to head back to the same Half Price Books and return a cracked CD game.

Lesson learned; Plans change and it's up to each of us to make the best of what's available without contention or bad attitude.

How was your Monday?


Jan said...

Our Monday was good.

You have a Krogers huh. How nice. I love half price books. That is so great.

Sounds like a wonderful Monday and that is a beautiful plant.

Hansonpatch said...

Wow, what a day! I can't believe you took the plant from AZ and it made it-I am admiring you even more now! The blooms are beautifula and way to go on your moon tree photo!

Chandy said...

Thanks ladies! We had a great time!