Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Long Saturday...

That night swimming we did Thursday totally set back our "school" schedule. Our bodies were sore enough that we've woken up at 9am since yesterday and have again gone to bed after 10pm. That's ok, Monday, we start over...

Well, the rain greeted us again this morning and by the time I thought to grab the Power Shot and snap away, this is all the proof I was able to gather. *hee hee*

Michelle joined us for two rounds of Rummikub after some oatmeal. Of course, each round, I was stuck with that one tile. *sigh*

I couldn't seem to get things together today. I'm so exhausted! I kept yawning, spacing out and just overall frazzled. I did manage to keep up with some pressing matters like schedules, reading program forms, birthdays and such, but I couldn't focus long enough to read a sentence in the new chapter of the book I was reading. So relieved I didn't burn any of our food, for sure!*yawn*

I-Dude was into his Lego masterpieces when he suggested I take this silly pose. Isn't he handsome? LOL
Look at that amount of concentration on his face... What are you gonna make for us today, I-Dude?
Here's some of the vehicles he's created. The one in the middle, a satellite vehicle. How cool is that?
Here's another view...
(You'll need to click on these two) Outside, J-Pony noticed several colorful dragonflies "dancing" on our little grassy area when I asked her to throw out the garbage. So I quickly set the camera to "Sports", steadied the lens, and snapped everytime I saw a blur pass by.
These two spots are right next to each other.
While I was getting ready to come in, I saw another blur at the corner of my right eye. I followed it and it, a moth, fluttered on to one of the lower set of leaves facing the LR window. I didn't want to take the risk of it flying away, so this is a zoomed out shot.
While I zoomed some more, I lost the spot where it was, but when I found it again, this is what I snapped- the moth flapping its wings!
For dinner, I made oven-baked chicken drumsticks, steamed rice and sauteed sliced green beans. Then we played 25 years worth of the LIFE-Twists and Turns game. While we played, I remembered to make our favorite, "Blackberry Shake".
It's so good, Michelle didn't mind posing with a near empty glass! LOL The kiddos had two small portions each. A blender full was just perfect for the four of us!

Some laundry's done, dishwasher was run, dishes were washed, the kids showered and put to bed.

Great news!!! My baby, L-Infinity and my darling, Mr. Man are coming home tomorrow! Yay!!!

I guess we're ready for Sunday... (I hope so...)


Anonymous said...

I too have a to-do list I should really be tackling right now.

Love the butterfly pics!

Kado! said...

All boys just LOVE Legos!! That is great they got featured on your blog!! I bet he is so proud of his creations!! I Love it!

Chandy said...

I finally got things done, but I was exhausted and paid for it in oversleeping...

Chandy said...

Yaya, welcome to my blog!