Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Enjoyed the Day...

Sometimes, all you can do is just enjoy being together, but we did manage to get a lot done (Fed Ex, watching Coraline and yes, more bread. Specifically, my honey butter french bread! Also, I had my dental appointment and got another great news that my efforts to keep my mouth healthy is paying off! Yay!)

We also enjoyed some good news. My friend Heather called and said that the townhome complex management is giving away the furniture that her friend, recently vacated. Heather's friend opted to leave all of her furniture behind. So, I inherited a mirror, a faux plant and a great dark chocolate stained bookcase! *woot woot*

I was left rather hot and bothered seeing my "Mahal" (beloved) haul the bookshelf out of the unit and into our van, as if it's a piece of toothpick! *fanning self*

I love the rustic details on this 23" x 43" mirror and it's very heavy! I can't wait to use it! (I promised Mr. Man I won't change anything around on the walls...) (Ooopps... you caught me in my Big Dog PJ's!)
Here's the plant. I think it's supposed to be a mango tree or something. It's in a nice tall pot, but I want it by the window so I'll be moving it there soon.
And here's the awesome bookshelf! It's 6' x 1' x 28". Did I mention it's stained in Espresso or Dark Chocolate? It's so goes with my other furniture! Yes!
It has one permanent middle shelf and three removable/adjustable shelves.
A nice front molding...
And a handsome overall appearance!
Since the bookshelf and the plant have to be placed somewhere the kiddos don't hurt themselves, I guess I'll have to bend the rules a little in interpreting my promise to Mr. Man... *fingers crossed*

I'm so so glad that we've been having these great opportunities to add to our "want list" for furniture; and for FREE, even better! Thanks, Heather and townhome management!


Jan said...

Lucky girl Chandy :) We all need to appease ourselves and I love your just enjoyed day. You deserve it. You work so hard in your life.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! I love all of these FREE stuff and still get things done.