Friday, August 21, 2009

Tax Free BTS Weekend

Today until Sunday, it will be "Back to School Tax Free Shopping Days" here in our area. To take advantage of that, the kiddos and I walked to Kohl's this morning. See, the kiddos didn't mind carrying all the bags. Yes, I helped of course. We started out with the clouds threatening to "cry" again but after (as proof in above photo) the sun was also happy with our haul!

We were able to get everything we needed: (clearance 60-80% off) sneakers, placemats, shorts, undershirts; and two lunch boxes for well under my budget! It helped that Kohl's sent out those $10 giftcards in the mail and that they were doing their "$10 for every $50 spent" deal. Mr. Man will like that!

Great shopping, exercise and being together. Can't beat that great feeling!


Kado! said...

isn't it great...I used to HATE Kohl's....I still don't like it for shopping for ME...but Love it for the kiddos shopping....I was able to get an awesome deals for back-to-school shopping a couple weeks ago there...when they had the 20% off shopping pass AND the Early-bird Special AND my $10 gift card I got in the mail.....I ended up paying $380. for LOTS of bags of clothes AND I SAVED $ 690. I was doing the "I'm So Happy Shopping...Happy-Dance" all day long!!!! I got tons of stuff for the boys & a few things for the hubby....ahhh...just remembering it makes me wanna go shopping some more..I LOVE a good deal!

Chandy said...

Kado! I so know what you mean! I love shopping for great deals!