Sunday, August 2, 2009

My family's whole again plus Michelle!

Mr.Man met L-Infinity at the airport and both of them were able to get on the earliest flight after his shift. Yay!!! We picked them up curbside at 1:45 then went straight home and feasted on mac-n-cheese and other leftovers.

Look, my heart's all full again! I can breathe... Can't you tell my smallish kiddos are happy, too? ;-)
See? See? Mr. Man and all three of my babies (I-Dude, L-Infinity and J-Pony)! And Michelle is still here, so our little unit is alive with laughter, food, fun and non-stop talking! (Excuse the hairdos, they are sportin' the "we just woke up" look.)
Of course, I promised Mr. Man his "Honey Butter French Bread" so I made it right after lunch time, after I made the "Choc' Full O' Nana" Bread. Yes, all, I baked three loaves of bread! Can't you tell Michelle couldn't wait to taste some? *hee hee*
See how happy she is when she got her piece? Had to take a shot of her priceless reaction.
And L-Infinity, too! My poor baby hadn't eaten for hours, since lunch. LOL
See what warm bread does, all of a sudden they're best buds! I know how to bribe my girls into behaving... LOL
Yes, more bribing with great food!
I did a seaside tablescape and here's Michelle, showing off her bread "dolphin" swimming behind SS Chandy out on the water. *breeze wafting*
Then I-Dude and J-Pony raced to see who can eat the quickest.
And J-Pony wins! Though she's normally the slowest most times, when it comes to certain foods, she can outeat any of us. Yay!

I am so exhausted, but this is definitely one of the best Sundays ever!


Michelle said...

What a fun day! I had so much fun with you!

Jan said...

My mouth is watering. And Michelle is one lucky lady. How fun.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! Glad to see you here! We did have so much fun talking, playing, eating and just being together.

Chandy said...

Michelle, I did, too! I loved how the table looked. Thanks for helping!