Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some neighbors, you just wanna...

I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this, but since this is my blog and all...

It's officially less than 36 hours before a whole school year starts up again and everywhere around here kids are being put on some kind of routine again. Well, apparently our "back" neighbor didn't get the memo!

At 9:45PM, said neighbor starts blasting their music with bass loud enough to freak out my two smallish kiddos. People were talking in their patio, no... make that screaming since they were so loud and cars were parked on the obvious, NO PARKING ZONES of the RED LINE and the MANICURED LAWN. HELLO!!!

Didn't these people read their contracts about the 10PM Noise and Loitering curfew, or the NO PARTYING OUTSIDE YOUR UNIT (including the patio after 9PM) or... at least have enough common sense to realize that each and everyone of the units in the building have SMALL CHILDREN THAT HAVE TO GO TO BED EARLY?

My next door neighbors, tired from shopping for last minute BTS supplies, also had to complain about them because of the cars interfering with their ease to get out. My friend's husband waited with me and since his job is on call 24/7, he had to make sure he'll have an easy way to get out and leave PRONTO! So we both call the "Courtesy Officer" who WALKS instead of DRIVE to the area and took him a good 20 minutes to arrive.

The worst thing about this LATE party, they had little kids suffering from the BLASTING BASS! On top of that, I think they were friends with the newly "off duty" PAPA JOHN'S driver because we saw a delivery car do REVERSE at about 40 mph! It was zipping by anywhere backwards! Can you say, NUTS?!

C'mon! Of course, this morning, they had to wake me up from fighting in their MASTER bedroom! Closet doors were slamming, screaming and what sounded like another friend "mediating". Well, bud, it didn't work!!! You just added to the noise!

Aaaaahhhh!!! If these neighbors don't quit it, I have no choice but to complain about them to the management on Monday. I'm surprised that their "next door" neighbor whom I also know (nice lady, btw), doesn't complain and just accepts all the excuses this lady gives her!

Other than that, we had a typical day... I've discovered that I really am not impressed with Facebook, but I am into the Farm games!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You should have called the police, remained anon and let them handle it so the kids...and you could get some peace. We all need that! Hope it gwets better Chandy!

Chandy said...

Me, too Leigh! Me, too!