Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sea Waves in the Clouds?

Since Mr. Man is not working on the comp, I get free use of my laptop, or at least enough tonight to do a post on my two main blogs. L-Infinity has her own comp needs for her AC DEC team, so there's that. As long as Google Chrome or Firefox can behave themselves, we can do a lot while we have the computer. After that, I don't know until it's truly fixed. My laptop is Mr. Man's back-up and go to unit when he's diagnosing the other.

But moving on... *relishing blogging freedom*

I guess the clouds decided to mimic my feelings towards Mr. Man's "back to work" departure this afternoon. By the time he left our complex, we heard that distant rumble that signals the coming rain. I needed to drop off some toys for my friend Heather who has a daycare and decided to bring along the kiddos and the camera!

What surprised me the most is how the clouds seem to mimic a tempetuous sea. (yes, I was feeling bummed)

Can you see the waves crashing and mad at the wind for brewing a storm ahead?
This one reminds me of a pending hurricane ready to pounce at any unsuspecting shoreline.
There's more of that "wave" like clouds. Must be quite gusty up there!
Is that a flying fish between waves? *imagine*
How about a dolphin and her calf escaping the tempest brewing below?
Here are some clouds looking like the wind rejected its reach so it got blown backwards.
The birds were even restless to see such commotion.
But inside, we were comfy, dry and happy to witness I-Dude's unbelievable creativity with Legos.
The rains hit an hour after and for only a few minutes. L-Infinity got to upload some pictures on Facebook despite the light show outside while J-Pony and her friend Alexis, enjoyed their time in Activity Days and even came back, still dry, with some soft oatmeal choc chip cookies!


Lara said...

So, I never changed the blog address for your blog. Did you know someone has taken over your old URL? I was a little weirded out until I remembered somewhere in my brain that you had mentioned changing it. Glad I figured it out, and I will be back reading! Sorry!

I love making pictures out of the clouds. I need to lay down outside and do it more often with my kids.

Chandy said...

Lara, hello! Nice to see you here again. Really? I'll have to check it out who took over my old blogger name.

Michelle said...

I love the clouds! I wish it would rain over here!

Chandy said...

Soon, I'm sure soon...

Kado! said...

Wow..the clouds sure did look like a crazy storm...we have had lots of clouds here too...the humidity is a BAD way! of my favorite catalogs Lakeside Collection is selling the 7 book set of the "True-Blood"/ Sookie Stackhouse book series for only $22. I am gonna get it and finally start reading the set this Fall....The show is getting better and better...i wonder how many books into the series the HBO program is right now?

Chandy said...

That's great, Kado! Enjoy and I'm so glad I took pictures of the clouds yesterday. ;-)