Thursday, August 13, 2009


Totally got sidetracked with migraine today, most of the day and Facebook was driving me nuts!... But I knew I couldn't hide in my bedroom the whole time so, I made sure that the kids and I did something together after I made a quick dinner out of leftover chicken and Pasta Roni.

Yep, more baking! We made cinnamon rolls! We, as in all four of us! I didn't use the Lion House recipe, not yet anyway, but instead we made the Light Wheat Rolls recipe turned cinnamon rolls.
I can't wait for the final rise to be done (10 mins left). I'll be putting the dough in the fridge so the kids have fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast... I can't wait to taste one! I'll bake one to test.

If these turn out good, I will try the Lion's House recipe and then Lara's mom's recipe. Not to compare but to familiarize myself with the different variations.

You know a good chef would do that... *smiling wickedly*

UPDATE: Decided to add the pictures and to report that the final product tasted great! I used Graham Wheat Flour (whole grain) by Hodgson Mill and the nutty cinnamon-y flavor is nothing I've tasted in other cinnamon rolls before! I like it! I'll make my own glaze tomorrow...

I apologize if you're getting sick of me talking about (ok, deliriously happy talking) baking. I've really never baked before and now, I find that I truly like it!

Mr. Man, thanks for believing in me!

Happy Friday!!!


Hansonpatch said...

That looks so good! Sorry you have a migraine and I hope it is gone soon. Congratulations on your newest obsession. :-)

Chandy said...

Hello! Yeah, baking is so complimenting my schedule and "tightwadness" right now... LOL

My headache went away this afternoon, finally...