Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yay! & Ouch!

All of the errands we've been doing finally caught up with me. Couple that with leg, shoulder and back cramps from all the slicing and dicing yesterday plus bread dough kneading, and you can imagine me: not being able to do anything but sit today. In the car, on the dining table, on the bed, on the couch. I couldn't stand up for a long time. Hence, if you saw me on Facebook a lot today, it's 'cause that's all I managed to do. Ouch... *wincing*

We went to Barnes & Nobles this afternoon after we dropped off L-Infinity for her senior portraits and the lack of chairs at the kids' section made a dizzy, spent mom out of me. We did manage to see most of the books we collect and the series titles we were missing. The list is again updated and- longer! (just the way we like it!) No, we didn't buy anything but we did manage to see another "Free Book" program for grades 1-6 by Barnes & Noble Summer Reading the smallish kiddos can join and they only have to read 8 books per form, tell their fave part about it and submit the form by 9/7/09. They can submit all the forms they want between now and the last day!

Yay! Because Mr. Man said that the PC is now operating nicely with the necessary (ok, desired) upgrades of Windows 7 RC version (release candidate). I was even able to do a post on my other blog, albeit, visiting is still problematic. (I'll take what I can get while the hubby's home and in the fixing mode)

Next to be ramped up is my very own laptop! Sweet, can't wait for that! ouch...

Ok, back to wincing and pitying myself... ;-) ouch...

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