Monday, August 24, 2009

FHE: First Day of School Fun!!!

It's our turn to sound the trumpet of joy! It's the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

Of course, the following smiles were made possible by a great breakfast of Toaster Strudle (flavor, your choice), bacon, melon bites and milk. Of course, you can't forget the multivitamin! Gotta keep up that enthusiasm you know! For lunch, a sandwich, chips, juice and extra snacks. We dropped them off this morning since their backpacks are loaded with supplies.

Here's I-Dude, the first one out the door...
Then it's J-Pony with a tight pony tail and a semi wavy hair from last night's braids.

Last but not least, L-Infinity, starting her senior year as Ac/Dec Co-Captain, Laurel President and very fashion forward with her classic ensemble.

Yesterday, Mr. Man noticed that our van's battery was faltering, so we waited until after midnight, then hit Walmart for a new battery! Here he is, undoing the old one after the kiddos were off to school... He's so darn cute when he's being all self-sufficient. *sigh*
And this is the close-up of our almost dead *spluttering* battery.

After 8 hours, here are the two smallish kiddos, fresh from the bus stop! As for L-Infinity, she had too much to report to take a picture. LOL
We still had more than a handful of school supplies, mainly art related, to still buy so for FHE, we treated them to dinner at a new nearby bbq place called Cobb Switch! It is so good there! You have to try their Potato Casserole- to die for!

The two little ones just couldn't pass up a photo-op when they saw this sign. Of course, didn't have the real cam, so the cell had to do.
As we were entering, we noticed the bricks, in the shape of Texas! Cool beans! ;-) (whoops, my toes sneaked in)
Here are the kiddos, enjoying their meal. See the size of that glass? Wowie, it's like sipping a Route 44!
After dinner (yes there were leftovers even though we only shared 1 1/4 lb. brisket and a few sides), we managed to hunt down the art supplies in Hobby Lobby, then we headed towards the sunset to the mall and use up a great coupon in Pac Sun for L-Infinity. We also found great pair of pants and a belt for I-Dude!

Got back well after 9PM and scrambled to get everyone bathed, calmed and ready for prayer, but we did it!

Hope your Monday was as tiring as ours... ;-)


xinex said...

Looks like the kids had a great day in school. So nice to see gleaming faces!...Christine

Hansonpatch said...

I love that you always try new restaurants! It looks like you had a great first day of school! How much fun. THere is something cute about a man fixing a car, I know I always think R. is cute when he does it! :-)

Chandy said...

Hi guys! I know, I know...

Kado! said...

how Fun! ..and those TX tiles are cute!!

ps..the kids look Great all "back-to-school-ready!"

Chandy said...

Thanks, Kado! I agree!