Saturday, August 15, 2009

Annual BTS Fashion Show

It's that time again! Another school year's a-startin' and the stores' are a'buzzin!

Well our household is not any different, but to make things more chic and unique, our theme this year is aptly labeled,

"Hand Me Down Haute"

Since every summer we sort their clothes, we found out this year that most survived the "modesty" and "wear" check. So... We mixed our still great lookin' fashion from last year and the hand me downs and a few new ones we got and these are how our "super" models looked liked! Can you say, "When is school starting? I can't wait!"

Let's start with I-Dude, shall we? He's ready for 2nd grade!
Here he is, happily sporting last year's tan cargo pants from Target, with a slight rip at the knee accompanied by last Spring's clearance find; a dark gray "TEXAS" and helicopter shirt from Kohl's.

With the same pants, he preppied it up a bit with a brown & red striped collared shirt from Ross and white socks from Walmart in a camo/brown pair of last year's sneakers from Payless.

Switching to another new pair of dark denim from Ross and gray velcro sneakers from Kohl's earlier this Spring, he's "rockin' out" with this new red with black trim tee from Ross.

Pairing another HMD with his OP baby blue with camo strip shirt from our next door neighbor with his dark denim from Ross, gives his look a casual and ready for a fun day at school!

Next up is our very own, J-Pony who just turned 10 this year and is ramping up her own style!
Let's check out this "school/rider/all weather" look in a purple/plaid collared tee combo from Ross this month. Her tall black boots were from Kohl's from last winter's clearance and last year's stonewashed slim jeans from the Children's Place.

How about this "school is on" casual look in the same jeans, brown sneakers from Ross last year, white socks and a HMD black tee with music notes graphic from her big sis, L-Infinity. She is looking mighty ready to tackle that Choir audition in this ensemble.

She is loving those jeans, with another great looking HMD white tee with an adorable penguin print from L-Infinity's school stash last year. With her hair down, school will be a breeze!
Of course, her signature color is still red, so she's looking chic and so much a 10-yr old with this red and plaid overtop layered tee from Ross this month and another stonewashed denim from last year. Math, Science, English, bring it on!

And finally, we have our "senior this year" trendsetter with a retro twist, L-Infinity! She loves to scope out Hot Topic and Pac Sun for that "just right" look for school.
The trend this year is to be bold and outstanding! And with that "highlighter" yellow with a pocket tee over a dark gray tank (Pac Sun & Forever 21 this month) and skinny denims from September 2007, the look is nothing short of awesome!

Fall, come now for she is ready for ya! With another pair of jeans from two years ago, paired with a new burgundy tee, a chic scarf down the front, a pair of sunglasses on top of her head and black flats, she will have a "smooth" transition into the next season!

Just call her Converse Girl as these purple ones are her latest acquisition for her collection, from Journeys this month. She turned a regular black bead necklace into a fashionable multi-bracelet! And with that black and purple Depeche Mode over a great dark denim tee from American Eagle, also this year, her "new" look is complete!

Winter's bitter cold? That's no problem for this ensemble of new black short coat, white scarf from Forever 21 and last year's black boots from Kohl's! Nice and toasty!

Another successful BTS Fashion Show! I can't wait to see all three actually sporting these looks come August 24th!

Happy "Back to School" everyone!


Kado! said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Kado! We have so much fun and frustration (lol) doing this every year...

Jan said...

Lookin good guys. You all did a great job. They look happy and very hip. I hope all goes well for them and their new year :)

Chandy said...

Me, too, Jan! Me, too!

Myztic@FunWithMama said...

aww your kids are so cute

Chandy said...

Thanks, Myztic! And welcome!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Cute fashion show, cute clothes, even cuter kids! Adorable!