Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whoa, it's December!

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Man, where did the year go? I was barely exhaling from an exhausting semester of Sociology and Advanced Excel,then Thanksgiving dinner and now it's time to "deck the halls"? I'm late already!

The storage is still being swapped out. The rooms are still being reduced and organized. Pantry stock is dwindling from lack of time to go grocery shopping lately. But one thing I knew I couldn't compromise on is our whole month tribute to the Lord's birthday during this month.

It starts like this...

We light candles or one big candle and we turn down all the lights. We choose to either be in complete silence or have a reverent Christmas song in the background, barely audible... Then we choose a story, any story; as long as it reminds us to be better people because Jesus Christ wants us to be better people.

Tonight, we started with "A Brother Like That", a tale of unselfish love of one brother for his crippled sibling. All he wanted was to give his little brother all that he couldn't because he is crippled, starting with a great car that can show him all the wonderful things he's missed out on.

I then asked the kids what they "shared" today. A cue that sometimes, the act of sharing is what's important, not what was shared...

This is Kila's first exposure to our Christmas traditions. It was a great feeling to see her willing to participate and share in our special efforts to show our Redeemer the honor HE deserves during this time of year.

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