Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow and Chocolate!

Today, Mr. Man called to announce that it may snow. Of course, I was so excited; it's December and about to snow, what could be better right? Wouldn't you know it, right after the kiddos left for school, it snowed! L-Infinity and Kila stayed home and slept in as they weren't feeling good.

Albeit, the snowfall was so light that it barely hit the ground before melting, but still... it was a sight to behold! (if you click on this picture, it looks scratched, but that's the snow!)
Here's some proof on my sleeve... Not dandruff! LOL
Of course that also meant making good on my promise to J-Pony that when it gets cold enough, the fireplace will be used. Look at that cozy fire... (after several hours of trying to light it! The logs were so moist from the rain that moistened the inside of the fireplace)

Then we read the story of the Nativity in Luke 2: 7-12 (KJV) then told the story of the "Chocolate Christmas" where the nativity story was substituted with names of chocolate bars like Twix for tricks and Mars.

The kids were so hungry (and me) afterwards, so... we had hot chocolate and christmas cookies! Again, under candlelights... The flavor requests ranged from French Vanilla to White Chocolate and my fave, Dark Chocolate sensation. We so love Swiss Miss and Stephen's. Yum!!!

Hope your Christmas traditions are going well... We are having fun!


Hansonpatch said...

I am so jealous of the snow. I miss Alaska so badly sometimes this time of year. I am glad you guys have had a great day. I need to pick up some hot chocolate myself, we just drank the last of it yesterday. It is such a magical time of year.

Chandy said...

I know, isn't it?! I love Fall and Winter, the weather is so unpredictable. :-)

MnM said...

Oh, sounds sooooooooo cozy!!