Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet "Handle" on Things...

We had a fairly stressful day today... A couple of meetings for me, lack of sleep for Mr.Man and stomach viruses. *sigh*

But tonight, despite the rigors of daily grind, we were reminded what Christmas is truly about- the birth of Jesus Christ and in the "Legend of the Candy Cane", we were reminded how one person used his talent, candymaking, to honor Him and what He symbolizes.

The J shape for Jesus and the Shepherd's crook

White for His purity and love for us

Red stripes- small ones for his suffering and a big one for His blood shed for our sins

Sweet and minty- His promise of eternal life is both delicious and refreshing to take in.

May this Christmas time remind all of us that Jesus Christ, our Savior was born first so He can rescue us according to His Father's plan and honoring that divine birth is worth the symbols we adorn our homes with one month a year...


Nikia, May and da kids said...

This is so sad. I just learned something new to share on Christmas. I wonder if the Primary already covered that story with my kids. Thanks. I like the easiness of your blog. Mind if I follow? Check ours out and my husband is part Pinoy.


Chandy said...

May, thank you! I look forward to visiting you also!