Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Shining Example

We had a wonderful time reading the story, "The Holy Night" where the author Selma Lagerlof portrayed Joseph as a man divinely protected from harm to help him fetch some fire to warm the baby Jesus and in the process, warming the heart and opening the eyes of a hardened man.

I-Dude chose "Joy to the World" for our song and we all made a birthday card for Mr. Man's sister, Aunt Kate, on the 17th. It was amazing to see the kids quiet, listening while simultaneously envisioning the story. When I asked them who was the man in the story, Kila guessed Joseph right away while the others described why he would be protected from physical harms of dog bites, road blocks of sheep, and the sharp end of a spiked staff. I love how each story we read, brings a whole new set of perspective and the spirit of goodwill in our home.

We ended the story with a fitting treat, star-shaped biscuits topped with honey butter. I can almost imagine the stars twinkling and dancing with the throngs of angels while I was reading this story.
This is Paula Deen's recipe. So you know, you'll find it in Food Network.

Hope your nights are just as bright as those stars during this Christmas season.


The Garden of Egan said...

So darling! Great traditions for your family.
Yummy looking biscuts.....mmmm I can almost taste them.

Lara said...

Great ideas. I may have to go look up some Paula Deen for our next FHE!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

The Christmas Season gives you other ways to share different lessons about biblical figures and the roles they played in the birth of Christ. Those biscuits look scrumptious!


Chandy said...

Thanks, ladies! I agree!