Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweetly Squeezed Saturday

If today was any busier, we'd have pulled our hair out!

We had to combine breakfast and lunch, drop off Kila to work, pick up L-Infinity from AcDec District meet, make copies of pictures at Target, come back home, change into our Disney shirts, go to the park with our photographer Tyler (L-Infinity's church bff), go to dinner, come back to make sure L and Tyler had enough time to go to a friend's early graduation party, string up lights, open another family gift, story time then run to the store for milk.

Dinner was a nice treat; we promised Tyler that if he took our family pictures, we will celebrate his induction to NHS with a 3-hour service sign-off and free food. So we took the whole family to Rock n' Rogers!

The above photo was on the wall almost touching the ceiling behind us, while I made sure that the gang had proof of where we were with the one below. The kiddos loved the old cartoon (Chilly Willy and various others) medley on the tube along with a whole ceiling of fun things to look at! (Yes, I used my cell...)

(Each one of us had a different Disney character on except L and Mr. Man; they both chose the main guy on The Night Before Christmas. I had on a Pooh sweater while J-Pony had Mickey and Minnie and I-Dude had Rhino from Bolt.)

So after all of that, we were exhausted! But when we took the time to exhale, this is what we accomplished...
A fun family-centered mantle of past Christmases from 2002-2009. I actually needed two more frames so I gotta go back to Walmart and hope they have these frames again. (Got them on clearance last year, 75% off)
A subdued and respectful display to honor the Savior's birth...
And cozy smiles... (L was on the phone with Tyler and Mr. Man is still stringing up lights)
Our family gift tonight from "the grands" was themed after warmth. Each of us got a new pair of gloves and this beautiful Nativity throw based on Luke 2:11; I love it, it's definitely helping my love of Nativity collecting grow! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Can't you see how loved it is already? :-D

We squeezed in the story of "Jesus as my Lawyer". It is about how one man's death led him to a courthouse where Satan and Jesus Christ fought for his soul in front of Heavenly Father. Of course, the Savior won-- after all He already paid for all of our sins. I guess Satan would have to try better next time...
I can't wait to see the pictures! How sweet was your Saturday?


Hansonpatch said...

We had a great Saturday stringing popcorn and cranberries for tree garland (I don't normally do this, but told my girls about doing it once when I was little), drinking hot cocoa, listening to music, and more. We then decorated our second tree of the season and ate dinner. I love the quilt, what a great way to wrap up your kids.

Chandy said...

I love that idea! Maybe when we're all moved in to our new place by next Fall, I can swing that. So glad you had a great Saturday, too!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Your decorations are so very beautiful. How thoughtful of you to go through all that trouble for your household. I hope your children grow up appreciating all the LOVE you put into making all the details in their lives special.

You know what they say, idle hands are the devil's playground. So even if you're weary and tired sister, "push along." I know your hubby and kids realize you are an awesome mom!!


The Garden of Egan said...

Love your decorations. Looks like it was very BUSY but very worth it.

Chandy said...

May, thank you so much! I love how it all turned out also.

I so agree!

Chandy said...

Tauna, it was busy and thanks!