Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Dozen Baker in Me

It was an exciting day today. It was uncle Noel's birthday, there were friends to play with outside, no homework, Disney shows were abundant and... big boxes from Grandma and Grandpa arrived! We waited for Mr. Man to wake up before we opened both. G&G set up this year's loot where we had some gifts to open while waiting for Christmas day. How awesome is that? We found two DVD-shaped packages and Mr. Man had J-Pony choose one. It was Santa Buddies!

Perfect for our Movie/Soda Nights on Friday!

To quiet down for the night, we did the skit, "The Baker's Dozen". According to this legend, St. Nicholas visited a baker as an old woman asking him to give her an extra cookie to make a dozen. The baker, though honest, was not generous.

I left exactly 13 of the Mexican Wedding cookies I baked as our sample. At the end of the skit, we shared our own "baker's dozen".

It also occured to me that I have baked a dozen different things of the doughy variety. Let's see...
  1. Sandwich bread (white and wheat)
  2. French bread
  3. Italian loaf with cheese and herbs
  4. Brownies
  5. Cookies
  6. Pie
  7. Cheesecakes
  8. Pan de Sal/Dinner rolls
  9. Biscuits
  10. Cinnamon rolls
  11. Muffins
  12. Cakes/Cupcakes
  13. German pancakes

Isn't that wonderful?! I love knowing that! I feel like my own bakery. LOL

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

You can send over the pan de sal and those brownies if you need somewhere to get rid of them. My husband hasn't had that since his Lola passed when he was teen. I don't bake. I make very good adobo, pancit and mechado, but I have tried baking cookies and they're never good, unless they're pre-packaged = )

Anything Disney is good for movie night with the family.


Hansonpatch said...

There is great wisdom in wanting to be the "ear" and not the "mouth" as you put it. I definitely could use that advice and so could a few others I know. Funny Horoscope. As for the baking, it is my favorite thing to do this time of year. The Scandinavians invented Smorgasbord and every Christmas there is a mandatory dessert one. I am glad you have great in-laws! That has got to be a huge blessing.

Sande said...

That is a lot of baking. But yum.

Chandy said...

May, I'll trade you pan de sal for some mechado! LOL

Chandy said...

I agree Anne, I agree!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Sande and welcome!