Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chili Nativity

What? You think I misspelled "chilly"? No...

This Saturday can be qualified as one of our stre----------tched out days! First, it was the Nativity display at the church because the kiddos performed, then on to the exhibits.

Afterwards, Mr. Man and I decided to treat the whole family to Chili's! See, I knew I was just being clever with my words. LOL

Then, onto the storage for the Christmas decor. But first, L-Infinity had another community Christmas tree lighting ceremony concert to go to then onto some caroling with her youth age group that extended to almost 11pm. Mr. Man and I, the chauffer and navigator!

The storage adventure was cold and tiring, but we ended on a sweet note with some s'mores and the story of "The Christmas Orange".

Again, we learned that sharing is a great soother of hurt and hopelessness. The children loved the feeling of camping out and having daddy with us.

(Kila went out with her beau so we had the apartment to ourselves and we created a beautiful memory with our children, by the fire...)

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