Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nutty, Stubborn and Difficult

Got your attention? He he...

I was just describing the biscottis I made-- Honey Nut Biscotti (ok... so I couldn't part with my cocoa- shoot me later; I have 7 more baking days to go)

Again I found this recipe at Food Network from Ellie Krieger. She used pistachios, but of course, i didn't have any of those, so... it's got pecans and walnuts in it instead which makes them NUTTY. Each loaf had to be sliced and double baked (STUBBORN), and dipped in bittersweet chocolate that was rather tedious by the time I was done with most of the slices (DIFFICULT).

Tonight is our Aunt Kate's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The biscottis are in her honor and hopefully, we can send some to her also.
That is if the kiddos, don't eat it all first! :-)

Tonight was also rather like all of the above-- we had moments that fell into those categories, but our story, "The Little Match Girl" who tried to warm herself with the matches she was selling but died in the attempt showed us that sometimes we forget just how good we have it and that outside of our cozy though bouncy bubbles, there are true sufferings out there; hidden by our rushed ways.

This Christmas season, may we be slowed down enough to reach out to those in need...


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Monthly, I try to put our family's service projects first, so we don't forget and keep a better perspective on things. Here's some tips that helps us keep it in perspective:
Monthly schedule -
1st week - do Visiting and Home teaching, do one volunteer project as family for FHE. We do
2nd week, 3rd and last week(s)- do one service project for someone in need.

I send my boys to do the yard or shovel snow of a single mom, elderly couple,etc. I cook a meal for the sick, the elderly or a single person. It helps relieve the stress on their life. Maybe you could send over some baked goods to a widow or single person.

I know I would LOVE to receive some of your baked goods anytime of the year = )


The Garden of Egan said...

I have always loved that story. Makes me so sad!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pix of the biscotti.
You are amazing.

Chandy said...

May, I so enjoy your wisdoma and kind words here in my blog! You're a sweetie!

Chandy said...

Tauna, I love how they turned out, too! So excited!