Friday, January 2, 2009

A Tall Order...

Now, that I will only have 4 more classes to take next week (all electives), I want to see if I can take on the task of writing on my blog everyday.
It wasn't easy last year, but I'll really make an effort this year. I want to see what kind of adventures we get into this year and have it recorded.

Knowing me, I'll most likely struggle, though this is the most doable of all my resolutions- to journal my life and my family's ongoings for our posterity. Of course, the personal and intimate feelings will not be a part of it (I think most of you already have an idea of what I value in life), but what would be included are fun adventures and more of our comedic sides.

So... I'll definitely have more-

1. Memory Maker jokes from the kids
2. Great Lists that make you think and smile
3. Charlie and I
4. Themed Tablescapes
5. Peeks at our adventures
6. My Funny Everyday Life
7. Fun Recipes

Now, the question is... "Can I really do it?" I guess we'll just have to see!

The highlight is walking to Kroger and Albertson's. We ended up just peeking on their Christmas clearance bins, but at least we got some good workout from walking a total of 1 mile, my kids and I.

If you're curious if I found any good deals on dishes, yes, I did! I think I may be bringing home another set soon! :D

See you tomorrow!


Eldredge Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to live life! I love how you have you and Charlie! I want to take a picture of my cup collection that we use everyday. I think you would die laughing! We need new cups so bad! Can't wait to see your table scapes!

Lara said...

I bet you can do it! I'll tell you a secret, even though it looked like I wrote every day, i didn't. I often wrote 3 or 4 posts at once and then set them to post throughout the week.

CC said...

Thanks for the confidence ladies! I love doing tablescapes and writing on this blog has been so therapeutic!

I'll try that Lara! Thanks!

Crystal I can't wait to see all those cups! :D