Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Great Sunday!

Today, we made it to sacrament, but didn't get inside the chapel right away. Actually, we had to circle to the other side of the chapel to get a better view of any leftover spaces. We found some seats in the overflow (which is unusual that it was opened). Our first counselor to the bishop and his wife were called to head a mission involving the storehouse, for 18 months. Both were asked to share their testimony and their family members came to listen (why else would the overflow be needed?). They spoke after two young men that knew that prayer and using a good compass can lead to a better you. This couple's testimony brought both tears and laughter throughout the whole room as each relayed their excitement and anxieties over their upcoming mission. It was an amazing moment for all of us as this couple is dearly beloved within the ward. Even our children were all quiet, not listening, but quietly doodling away, as if letting us soak in all that we are hearing. Thank goodness for the purity of little children. I feel so blessed to have my three, that's for sure!

Their topic, "losing yourself in service". What a great reminder! I'm glad I came, attended sacrament and opened myself to any kind of service I can render those three short hours. Again, like a great spa, I came out feeling refreshed and full of hope that my family and I were better for it.

To top that a bit, my friend Heather Wolfe came to sacrament! I know how hard it is for her to sit in one place because of her MS, but that didn't deter her from coming today. It was great to have had the chance to visit with her for a little bit before I headed to Nursery, where I was rewarded with pretend sprinklings of S&P, guessing games and song requests as well as three exciting rounds of "Ring Around the Rosie".

Then, my daughter Lisa, reacting from her wonderful time in YW, volunteered to make lunch of eggs and rice (either she really wants those eggs or she's buttering me up for something else later. Hey, no problem here, yes or no, I get to enjoy some eggs!).

Last night, I also heard from a few friends that I've been kind of worrying about. It turned out that two had to move and the others just had a busy, busy schedule. Whew! ?(my nerves are again at peace with the world- ohm... ohm...)(yoga pose numbing my legs and fingers)

Thanks for reading!

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