Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I did a Feng Shui consult at my friend Heather's apartment this morning. We had a lot of fun figuring out how she can make her space more her own. (Unless you were the very first tenant of that apartment and have survived the changing of management, apartments are temporary dwellings and past tenants' chi can get left behind.)

Anyway, while we were in the middle of that, I suddenly remembered that Famous Footwear sent me a $5 off coupon back in November as my reward for previous purchases (clearance rack hunter babe, as they call me at any given franchise). So, I called Charlie and he picked me up, we made a lunch date, waited for Jas and Ian to get home and we hit the mall.

Once inside FF, I made a beeline for the "racks", but couldn't find any that fit me or caught my fancy. I was in there for 15-20 minutes and nothing! The saleslady even recommended having me bring a style I like and research if it came in my size. That wouldn't have helped me because- I have a slim size 5! Most 5's come in medium! Meaning, no available size, no available shoes, meaning less shoe shopping sprees for me. Online can't give guarantees either, so I don't go that route. Plus, my most expensive pair of shoes since 1996 was my $25 wedding pumps!Anyway, I digress...

Well, between the lack of candidates and the kids running on energizer batteries, I was ready to cut out of there. As I was getting ready to gather the kiddos, I happen to look up and I saw a box that had a $5 sticker on it. I immediately thought- a mistake! But inside, was one that could replace my last set of Dr. Scholl's slippers back in April.

It was a quite a surprise that it was also Dr. Scholl's and it was a size 5! Given it was blue, but nonetheless, cute enough! I grabbed it, fished for my coupon, rounded up the two kids and went straight to the cash register. I placed my coupon and rewards card on the counter with the box and after it was rung up, the cashier handed me the receipt! The slippers were completely FREE! No tax, no cash out of my pocket kind of FREE! Plus... the original price was $40.00! Yes!

Want to see?

Here's another great deal that we snapped up:
At Kroger yesterday, we had to go and send allowance to my cousin in the Philippines. Ian needed a restroom so we all went inside. After, Charlie says, "There's a lot of batteries on sale at the clearance section". I asked him what kind of discount as batteries do not often go on sale much less clearance. He showed me the price tag and it was 50% off! Energizer brand to boot! That is an awesome deal since around spring here, tornadoes often knock out power and we needed to have tons of batteries just in case! So, we got a lot! We saved a lot of money and we're stocked up for any gadget that needs batteries in the house! YES!!!

How is your deal hunting going?


MnM said...

I love deals like that! Yippee! :0

Hansonpatch said...

I love deals like that! A while ago we got a ton of coupons for different restaurants around the valley. It was fun to go out and see how little you had to spend while eating great food from Rubios, Country Buffet, Red Lobster, and others.

CC said...

I love it!!! Especially when it was completely unexpected like that.