Thursday, January 29, 2009

MM# 6: Tele-what?

Setting: Last night, around the dining table after a late dinner...

Jasmine correctly guessed what Ian (or somebody on the table) said.

Jasmine: (pointing to her temple, giggling from pride) "You know Mommy, I'm good. I'm telepathetic!"

Me: (I barely heard it) "What? Tele-what?"

Jasmine: (still beaming) "TELE-PATHETIC! Cause I guessed it right, so I'm TELEPATHETIC!"

Everyone: (Laughed till our sides hurt!)

I think she meant TELE-PATHIC, don't you?


Hansonpatch said...

FUNNY! I have done that and so have my girls. I shared this one recently with a few writing friends who laughed so hard. Thanks for the lift!

CC said...

Thanks! I still lol when I read it!