Thursday, January 22, 2009

MM #5: Bad Note Free

Lately, between the long winter break and their recent 4-day weekend, Ian has been having a little trouble keeping still at school and has been bringing home reminder notes from his teacher for us to sign. He's been quite upset at his own behavior because no good day means no access to his Hot Wheels or Legos.

Yesterday afternoon; Ian after getting off the bus and meeting up with me at the mailbox:

"Mommy, bad note free. Mommy, bad note free."

Me: What?

Ian: "Bad note free."

Me: What do you mean?

Ian: "I got a stamp! No bad note! So, "bad note free!"

His teacher gives out stamps for every day that they behave well enough in the classroom. He wanted to emphasize that he didn't get a note, he got a stamp!


Eldredge Family said...

Yah we have red, yellow, and green lights! If it was yellow or red it not a good day! I am glad he got his stamp of approval!

CC said...

I know, he was so happy!