Monday, January 26, 2009


From our whole family!

Tina Wilbur- for losing 30lbs. and going to college! Yes!

Lara Neves- for getting that bigger load of voice lesson students! You'll do great! And for all the blog awards! Good job!

Crystal & Spencer Eldredge- for Sage's 6th-month of joining their family. He's adorable!

Debbie Kimball- for becoming a Real Estate Broker! Yay!!!

Audrey Peterson- for getting a blog award. Cool!

Becky & Nate Evans- for making the residency in Ohio and getting a new van. And, for surviving some pretty stressful times. Awesome news!

Lori & Scott Thompson- for their 10th year anniversary! Awesome milestone!

Stephanie & Matt Bean- for Preston's 3rd birthday and having a creative way to appease all the VLPs (Very Little People)! I'll so do that! And for having a great picture of her kids on her blog header. So, so cute!

Mandi & Burke Larsen- for Matthews's 2nd birthday! A new milestone!

Carla and Luc Engstrom- for becoming pregnant again! Yay!!

Can I get a "woot-woot!" with raised hands up in the air for these unbelievable and honorable women? That's it!


Lara said...

Well thank you! And congrats to everyone else, too.

Eldredge Family said...

Thank you I really needed that pat on the shoulder today!

CC said...

You're both very welcome!

Becky said...

I'll add my congrats to all of you as well! I love your blog "CC" and I can't believe how much your girls have grown! They are both beautiful!

Thank you for checking up on my blog! I love all of your comments. They always make me smile!

Love to you and your family!

CC said...

Becky, you so deserve it! I'm sure what you went through will be your source of strength for all the little trials that threaten to creep up during the good times.

Love ya and your blog!

Steph B said...

Oh, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I do what I can. (0:

CC said...

Steph: And you are doing a good job at it! :-D