Sunday, January 4, 2009

It Must be Sunday again...

Well, as you can tell, it is Sunday and of course that's when things go awry in my household. My kids seem to let go, in concert, of any excess pent up energies from the week and let it out on this, what should be reverent, day!

There's the disappearing dress pants trick, the "I don't know" disease infecting all three, and the infamous, "But Mommy..." epidemic resurfacing during wake-up calls. And now this! Lately, my kids have been getting away with stuff because of "technicalities" on how I say things, so they've been trying to "snag" me in my own "Do as I say" net...

Jasmine: "Mommy can I wear the plaid dress?"
Me: "What plaid dress?"
Jasmine: "The one from the neighbors."
Me: (remembering it was a spaghetti strapped dress) "What shirt are you going to wear with it?"
Jasmine: "Shirt? I don't know; if I can't find one, can I still wear it?"
Me: "What shirt are you going to wear with that?"
Jasmine:(a pause) "Ok, I think I know what shirt could go good with this."
Me: "If you find the shirt, you can wear the dress..."
Jasmine: "Yay! Ok, I'll go look for the shirt now!"

If I didn't remember that it was a strappy dress, Jasmine would have worn it as is and I would've been snagged in the net of "You said it was ok to wear..."

No one can get up from almost three weeks of staying up late and yo-yo temp inside the house, from the yo-yo weather outside! I finally fell asleep when Charlie knocked on the door (from work) asking for the indoor lock to be opened, at 8:30AM! On top of that, after I go back to bed, by the time I was supposed to get up, my back was so stiff, I couldn't get out of bed even when I wanted to! Obviously, we didn't make sacrament of course and on the way to the church, Ian just kept growling at his sisters for whatever reason he deems at the moment.

What was on my mind, "I wish I stayed home today!"

But then of course there's always the rainbow after the rain. I have a new calling; a Nursery Assistant. I had a lot of fun helping the children sing songs, color, and play with toys that I would have spent hours on myself.

When we got home, Charlie offered to make his Sunday fave, Mac-n-Cheese (though I no longer eat it), and let me stay in the room for a few quiet minutes! When I came out, he had them enthralled about these savants who can calculate large numbers and read with one eye on each page and remember 98% of it! Gotta love good stories!

Then there's the beautiful Sunday music that just warms your insides like a good mug of hot cocoa. It felt wonderful despite the commotion between my three treasured gems. (What was it now, the complicated task of choosing a Sunday appropriate video that all three of them like. I know, evil mom!)

Maybe one of these Sundays, we'll have everyone ready by a full 30 minutes before the Sacrament starts and my children have nothing but sweet words for each other. Well, I can dream can't I? Or is that being faithful? I'll settle for hopeful...

Overall, I think I can count it a good day; everyone's limbs are intact; three warring voices, yes, but still three voices! My three gems' voices. The best blessing of the day.

Of course, if I want peace and quiet, there's always tomorrow... When all of them go back to school! Yes, bliss!


Crystal Eldredge said...

Sounds just about how my Sunday went. Except, it was not until after we got home from church that I was glad we went! It was a long cold day. I am counting down the seconds until the kids go to bed!

Steph B said...

I love the way you write.(0: Thanks for accepting the call as nursery leader...I can tell you are loved already!

CC said...

I definitely am pumped by my new calling; I love being in the Nursery. It's like being rewarded every Sunday, with toys and songs! :)

Thanks, Steph! I love reading your posts,too!

Crystal, you are so right, sometimes, you never know how wonderful being at church is until after you got home! :D